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1/285th scale sci-fi game using Hotz Mats

Hotz Mats have posted photos of a 1/285th scale sci-fi game using their Dirt Planet game mat. Dirt Planet game mat From their announcement:
I managed to put on a demo game last Friday, July 8th, 2011 at the Trumpeter Club, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This proved to be a fast paced, fun and fierce playing game. The miniatures shown in the photographs are all 1/285th scale, including the terrain (trees, resin building models, rough terrain markers, roads, etc). All game mats used in this game: the Ocean Front Game Mat, the Dirt Planet Cratered Game Mat, and including the Felt Highways System, are produced by Hotz Mats. The Craters on the game mat are actually 2D craters airbrushed onto a Dirt Planet game mat. This is our standard Dirt Planet game mat with craters. Our 3D cratered Planet game mats are only 2, they just look 3D! Our game mats are available with or without craters, or you can purchase the craters separately as individual pieces.