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12 Realms Last Hours

Mage Company is in their final day over on Kickstarter for 12 Realms. They've made more than 2.5x their goal. Get in on the game before it's too late.

Box Components


From the campaign:

It is true! We reached 105K and now the Fairy Grandmother Plot is available. The Pyramid building miniature is now unlocked along with 2 different decks of cards. A deck of 10 cards and another deck of 30 cards. This Plot is coming from the Nile Valley.

The deck of the 10 cards includes different spells. If you combine them, then you have a magic word that can destroy Nile Valley. it's a curse. For each Realm you draw such a card and place it face up at the beginning of the Invasion Track. This card is part of the Spell and you must destroy it. How is that?