10th Day of Super Dungeon Explore

Soda Pop Miniatures continue their cavalcade of previews from the upcoming Super Dungeon Explore game with a sneak peek at the Demonkin Rogue. Demonkin Rogue From their announcement:
On this 10th Day of Super Dungeon Explore we highly recommend you lock up all of your valuables or they won't be yours for long. Soda Pop Miniatures accepts no responsibility for anything the Demonkin Rogue may "acquire". Often shunned by normal folk, the shadowy Demonkin possess great skills and have their own reasons why they want to help the Heroes of this realm. Speedy, stealthy, and possessing a knack to "find things", the Demonkin Rogue's Luck ability ensures that the party is never at a loss for useful treasure. Tricks are not this Rogue's only trade though, her potent Backstab attack ensures that even the strongest opponent should fear her strike.