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10th Anniversary Edition of Morels Up On Kickstarter

Morels. One of the most sought-after mushrooms in the culinary world. Very hard to cultivate, so they must be found out in the wild. And Two Lanterns Games has been searching for them for 10 years. That's why they've got a campaign going for the 10th Anniversary Edition of Morels, plus lots more going on.

From the campaign:

10 years! It's been an incredible walk in the woods. This project brings Morels back after a brief (global-events-beyond-our-control) hiatus, reintroduces Morels Foray with a limited print run, and offers a free Morels 10th Anniversary Booster Pack of two new mushroom cards with every game purchased. Morels handcrafted pieces (16 foraging sticks, 8 pans), which are a ton of work but a labor of love that we feel add a personal and tactile touch to the game, round out the celebration. 300 sets of pieces were available (sold out on Day 2!) and are now followed by 175 sets that will ship separately from any games purchased. Games have a target ship date of early June 2022, while the "Morels Handcrafted Pieces: Late Summer" add-on will ship in September 2022 (98 of 175 remaining as of 4/25, 9:30 pm CT), 

It's also the 5th Anniversary of Agility, which, while usually rehearsing lines in the wings as understudy to Morels, has its own collection of fans, including us :) As an added bonus for any Agility game purchased, we're happy to make a custom, printable PDF card featuring your dog!

The campaign's over 13x funded with 10 days left to go.