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1001 Odysseys Adventure Board Game Up On Kickstarter

When you want adventure, you don't just want one adventure, or a hundred adventures, or even a thousand adventures, you want at least 1001 adventures! Thankfully, that's exactly what you'll get with 1001 Odysseys, a new adventure board game with storybook elements up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Gather your weirdest friends (or journey on your own) and strap in for a whimsical science fiction adventure like no other. 1001 Odysseys is the feel-good, narrative-driven journey full of adorable space aliens we’ve always wanted to play. Unlock the map and choose your own path through Insula, a far-flung galaxy of curious aliens who can't wait to meet you. Choices made by players decide how the story unfolds. It is simplest to play with four enthusiastic players who can each take on one of the crew roles; however, it is very easy to share roles and let more people play or combine roles to allow for fewer players. With hundreds of choices to make, no two gameplay experiences will ever be the same!

1001 Odysseys is easy to learn, quick to begin, and it's simple enough to save your progress and pick up again later. Our stories are divided into bite-size Chapters, each of which takes 30-60 minutes to play through. With over 30 chapters of content to experience, you'll have all the adventures you can imagine!

Each piece of the game is managed by one of the crew roles: Operations, Information, Navigation, or Commander. It’s great to have one player per crew role, but it’s also easy to share or combine roles to accommodate more or fewer players.

The Kickstarter is already above its funding goal with 28 days still on the clock.