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$10,000 Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest

Days of Wonder are running a Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest with a $10,000 prize. Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest From their announcement:
Today, Days of Wonder announced the $10,000 Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest, giving creative fans of this award-winning board game a chance to put their name on the (game design) map. In addition to the $10,000 cash prize the very best fan-created map will earn a spot alongside new maps from the game's designer Alan. R Moon, in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection to be introduced in October at Essen Spiel 2011. "Since its release in 2004, the original Ticket to Ride game has already inspired dozens of additional maps from enthusiastic amateur map designers," says Days of Wonder President and CEO, Eric Hautemont. "Now Ticket to Ride fans have a unique opportunity to get the map of their dreams into print – and to top it off - earn $10,000 in cash." Map designers must submit an official entry form describing their map, postmarked no later than April 15th. Submissions will be reviewed and the most compelling designs selected for further play-testing. Days of Wonder will make the final Grand Prize selection and contact the winning map designer by June 30th; the winning map will be unveiled at the Essen Spiel Fair in October of 2011. Official rules and entry form for the $10,000 Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest are available at