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100 discontinued Mega Miniatures products

Mega Miniatures has a series of moulds of discontinued products. From their announcement:
As many of you know, I am slowly working my way out of the miniatures industry. I still enjoy it immensely, but other occupational pursuits are looking more attractive. Production rights will be sold off to other companies or individuals at the rate of around 100 to 200 pieces per year. More than likely it will take years to completely downsize, so no need to panic and buy items that you may have put off purchasing. However, the following MS Word document contains around 100 molds that are currently up for sale as of April 13, 20011. This document will be updated and overwritten as molds sell. The items continue to be sold in both our stores until a buyer purchases the molds. Some items may sell quickly and others will likely lag. Regardless, once the mold sells the miniature will briskly be removed from the shopping carts and ebay store. I will not be reducing the resale prices of the figures in question since I do not want to hurt their resale value. However, I might be more than happy to make deals on the molds if they are purchased in groups.