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100 Oddities for an Arcane Academy Available From Skirmisher Publishing

Now that you've got your Strixhaven book from WotC, why not pick up 100 Oddities for an Arcane Academy from Skirmisher Publishing? You've gotta fill all those halls, classrooms, and dorms with stuff, after all. The new supplement is available now.

From the website:

Welcome to “100 Oddities for an Arcane Academy,” the latest entry in Skirmisher Publishing's bestselling “100 Oddities” series of system-free sourcebooks dedicated to helping develop rich stories and spicing up encounter areas with exciting curiosities! It includes an annotated list of 100 Oddities, a Student Organization Generator, and a section of 50 Arcane Academy Tomes, and is illustrated with more than a dozen custom images. 

“100 Oddities for an Arcane Academy” is inspired by the well-established boarding school story genre, which began with Thomas Hughes’ revered Tom Brown’s School Days and eventually evolved to spawn fantasy media that include Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, Yoh Yoshinari’s Little Witch Academia, and a multitude of other movies-novels-and-sourcebooks-that-must-not-be-named. This universal supplement focuses on the eccentricities of magical schools and colleges, as well as their bizarre denizens, tuition-paying or otherwise. 

Oddities are designed to help storytellers make places in their scenarios as memorable as those that have appeared in innumerable sources like those mentioned above and to fascinate and engage players and prompt them to ask questions like, “Why is this thing here?”, “What is that for?”, or “Who would do something like this?” They are intended to aid creativity, to turn possibly bland areas or encounters into something more, and to take a storyteller’s imagination in directions it might not have otherwise gone. A chalkboard, a desk, or a raven might appear to be the common and unnoteworthy trappings of an arcane academy, but when the chalkboard could summon a demon, the desks are equipped with manacles, or the raven tries to extort money, each becomes worthy of investigation in its own right.