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100 Oddities For a Vampire Lair Released by Skirmisher Publishing

There's never a bad time to head into a vampire's lair. Or, is it, there's never a good time to head into a vampire's lair? Either way, sooner or later, everyone ends up in a vampire's lair. And if you're there, you might as well look around at all the stuff therein. And that's where 100 Oddities for a Vampire Lair come in. This new book is available now from Skirmisher Publishing.

From the website:

Welcome to “100 Oddities for a Vampire Lair,” the seventeenth entry in Skirmisher Publishing’s popular and bestselling series of system-free sourcebooks dedicated to inspiring rich stories and spicing up encounter areas with exciting curiosities! 

“100 Oddities for a Vampire Lair” draws on the long spanning multicultural tradition of Vampire myth-telling across the world and, of course, the plentiful body of literature and films that feature them. This supplement is dedicated to the places where Vampires lurk and focuses on the horrors that accompany the denizens of their lairs and provides enough detail on each to bring them to life (so to speak). 

Oddities are designed to help storytellers make places in their scenarios as memorable as those that have appeared in innumerable sources like those mentioned above and to fascinate and engage characters and prompt them to ask questions like “Why is this thing here?”, “What is that for?”, or “Who would do something like this?” They are intended to aid creativity, to turn possibly bland areas or encounters into something more, and to take your imagination in directions it might not otherwise have gone. 

As with other “Oddities” volumes, all of the entries in this book can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to add evocative details to any sort of appropriate area or encounter and in any manner that suits the needs of a particular storyteller. “100 Oddities for a Vampire Lair” also includes a Random Coffin Contents table for when you need something special or particularly weird to fill a specific tomb or sepulcher.