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10 Year Anniversary Candy Miniature Available From Ninja Division

It's been 10 years. *sniffle* They grow up so fast. Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures has been around for a decade and they're wanting to celebrate with a special-edition Candy miniature that you can order now. They won't be around forever, so get yours now.

From the post:

Can you believe it? Soda Pop Miniatures is 10 years old! It seems like only yesterday when a crazy trio of hobbyists decided they wanted to bring something a little sweet to the miniatures world.

Ninja Division is excited to celebrate Soda Pop's 10th Anniversary with a very special Masterclass Miniature, Celebration Candy!

This limited edition miniature will be available to order through November 30th, and then Candy will be off to new adventures. Celebration Candy will be strictly made-to-order. Production runs will be made periodically throughout the order period to make it so that fans of Candy do not need to wait too long to begin painting and playing with this exciting new collectors' model!

Over the next 3 months, we'll also be taking some time to look back at the history of Candy and her companion Cola as we celebrate this iconic duo.

If you want to get in on the very first production run, don't delay—