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10 Workers Unite RPG Up On Kickstarter

Working together for a common goal makes us stronger. Think of one person trying to get something done versus a whole team trying to do it. In 10 Workers Unite, players act as workers (it's right there in the name), defining their jobs within the structure that is the Company, played by another player. What sort of environment does this job take place? What are the company's goals? How do the workers interact with the management? That's what you all decide. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

10 Workers United is a tabletop roleplaying game that explores the power of solidarity for equitable livelihood. The game requires 4-6 players, one of whom plays the role of The Company and the others who play the role of The Workers.

The Company will create the details of the work, its environment, and its purpose in being. The Workers will define their unique skill and what drives them to a breaking point.

The game is played out over 10 scenes that are uniquely framed. During the scene Workers will Move to Have a Seat at the Table and when successful earn more power. By the end of the game, The Workers have organized all of the negotiation power they need and the game ends as they present Grievances.

The game's more than 5x funded (being fair, they didn't want a ton of money to start with) with 23 days left to go.