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1-48TACTIC Cards Up On Kickstarter

1-48TACTIC is the incredibly realistic WWII miniatures game where you get into the personal history of each figure on the table. The game is looking to expand and in a big way by bringing you a ton of new characters and a whole bunch of new factions. To do this, this Kickstarter campaign is simply for the stat cards for those characters.

From the campaign:

Thank you very much for being here! Following the very successful mini campaign last March (which was limited to US infantry only), this campaign aims to bring you complete sets of cards for playing 1-48Tactic with plenty of new factions!

There are also a lot of extra new cool features in addition to the usual characters, weapons and ability upgrade cards! First of all, we are introducing Tactic cards. These brings an entire new level of gameplay, allowing you to build your own hand, plan your hidden strategy and unleash powerful events during a game. Next, since these decks will allow you to field much larger forces, we are providing for a much more articulated command structure, introducing an entire new class of character’s cards: Officers, which comes with their own set of abilities and actions, increase the number of AT available to a player and also allow to give orders to more than one character at a time. This takes the game to a larger scale and allow you to play at platoon or even company level! The few additional rules required for all this will be sent to you in pdf format and also made available for free download from the website.

The campaign's a bit more than halfway to its goal with 29 days left to go.