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.dungeon RPG Up On Kickstarter

.dungeon is a new RPG project that's up on Kickstarter that looks to bring the field of MMORPG games from your computer to your tabletop. The game also takes inspiration from several different anime series, with classes drawn from the everyday world around you. It's about the connections you make with the other players that will determine success or defeat.

From the campaign:

.dungeon is a project of love. 

It's a game that captures the feeling and atmosphere of an MMORPG but in a tabletop space. Inspired by isekai stories like Sword Art Online and Digimon, but also filled with the life and love of the internet that shows like .hack//sign, Log Horizon, and Code Lyoko have. 

As a game, .dungeon uses the standard set of polyhedral dice as your stats and turns everything from the landscape to the weather into opposition by assigning those same dice to their stats. To do something, you decide which stat you're using and roll that dice against the opposition's stat. Higher number wins. 

What sets this game apart from other adventure-style games are the classes. It's inspired by the meta-influenced roles of Werewolf, so that each class draws from the real world to give you abilities. The Beast, for instance, lets you take the form of your pets, while the Artist lets you help your teammates by creating art, telling stories, or reciting poetry. There will be a large selection of classes available in the base game, and there are people creating their own custom classes already!

.dungeon creates a story through its "health" system, called Connection. Your Connection is shared between all of the players in the game. Whenever you face opposition, the difference of the dice rolled is subtracted from the loser's Connection. As it gets lower, it will be up to the party to spend rest dice through telling stories or sharing art in order to keep the Connection strong. When it reaches's game over. 

Go check out the free playkit to get a good idea of the game!

The campaign's around 3x funded with 19 days left to go.