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Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities Supplement Available For Conan RPG

Everytime I see a new sourcebook for an RPG, I think, "yup, that's good. GM options are good." And that's the case here. Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities gives GMs in the Conan RPG a whole bunch of new options to throw at your players. It's a one-stop shop to add a bunch of flavor to your games.

From the website:

The Hyborian world in the time of Conan teems with remote and forgotten places, brimming with danger and secrets. Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities is the ultimate Gamemaster reference for bringing these crumbling ruins and remote locales to life in Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.

  • Descriptions of famous ruins from Conan’s adventures, including Kuthchemes, Alkmeenon, and the ruined city along the Black Coast where Bêlit met her fate.
  • New places inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard — including the Nameless City, the mountain resort-city of Kamula, Lemurian and Atlantean ruins, and other settings from before the Cataclysm — as well as locales from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H.P. Lovecraft such as R’lyeh, the City of the Old Ones, and others.
  • Doom and Momentum spends specific to these locations, and story seeds to inspire gamemasters in crafting new CONAN adventures.
  • A ruins generation system allowing Gamemasters to create their own ancient ruins and cursed cities.
  • Write-ups of diabolical and powerful entities such as ka-ghouls; the servants of Bit-Yakin; nightmare mounts; Thugra Khotan; and Gyatha, Master of the Black City.
  • Rules for exploring and moving through ruins, dodging traps, and environmental effects to avoid.
  • Treasures of renown such as the Teeth of Gwahlur, the Dagger of Derketa, the Staff of Epemitreus, and others, as well as a treasure hoard generation system and new item qualities.
  • Developed with leading Conan scholars, this book explores the lost and fallen locales of the Hyborian Age, providing Gamemasters with the tools to create their own memorable environments