Zyklops Landship for When the Navy Walked released

JTFM Enterprises and The ArmChair General have announced the release of the for the When the Navy Walked VSF rules.

Zyklops Landship

From their announcement:

JTFM Enterprises, in association with The ArmChair General, is pleased to release the German Zyklops Landship, in 15mm scale, for use with their Victorian Science Fiction rules, When the Navy Walked.

The Kaiser’s shipworks have been extremely active, and after many man-hours of forming and rivetting, the massive construct is ready for the battlefield.

The Zyklops measures in at 7.5″ in length, 4″ in width (across the balconies), and 4.5″ in height (not including the funnels).

The model is easy to assemble. The hull and two track assemblies make up the bulk of the kit. The remaining pieces include: two balconies, two funnels, five inner sponsons and gun barrels, and five top enclosures for the outer sponsons.

Even though the model has been designed for use with 15mm/18mm figures, it works with 20mm figures and as a large machine for 28mm figures.

The model will retail for $35.00 CAD, and will be available from the JTFM Enterprises webstore. A page dedicated to When the Navy Walked miniatures is currently under construction and should be completed shortly.

We will be making the model (and others which will be following in its footsteps) available to our North American and overseas stockists.


  • The webstore page for “When the Navy Walked” is now open.

    Jeff @ JTFM

    • Zac

      Post updated with a link to it

  • Do it in 28mm and the 40K crowd will love you!!

    Looks awesome!

    • cybogoblin

      I’ll say. A little conversion and you’d have a Squat Leviathan!

  • 4tonmantis

    lol when I first saw it I assumed it was in 28mm scale.. almost swallowed my cell phone.. I realize the production costs of such a kit would be prohibitive but seriously.. someone needs to pick up the torch on that kinda thing..

    • You never know what I’ll attempt to cast next… 😉