ZUZZY Miniatures Feldston Paven preview

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Feb 25th, 2011

ZUZZY Miniatures have posted a preview of the upcoming Feldston Paven game mat.

Feldston Paven mat

From their announcement:

ZUZZY Miniatures has released a sneak peek at the newest battlemat that they’re working on. It’s called the Feldston Paven and it’s a battlemat with a rough fieldstone paved texture. ZUZZY’s making this mat to be used as the roughly paved street for a country village, a dungeon floor or an Orc village for example. The Feldston Paven will join the recently released Flagston Paven mat in their StoneWorks line of terrain. It will be available in all sizes from 3×6 inch samples all the way up to 4×6 feet battle mats. ZUZZY Terra-Flex battle mats are made of flexible latex rubber and have raised detail molded into the surface.


    When is this planned to be released?

    There have been some reports here and there that these matts have a very strong latex/rubber smell… anyone with experience with them know if the smell is really that bad and intense or it fades away after a couple games out of the shipping bag?

    • Zac

      Mine didn’t smell. I have a 4′ x 8′ mat and it has no discernible odour. I suspect that this will vary from cast to cast though but with anything like this the smell should go away after you air it out.


    Thank you for the feedback. The smell some people complained about was the only thing really stoping me to get these matts.

    These got to be the most detailed matts outhere and probably the most practical home table you can have… not to mention you dont spend a cent with flock and glues.

    Another plus of this material is that if your minis fall down they dont get chips on paint since its all fluffy rubber right?