ZProps Planetary Tech Station terrain Kickstarter launches

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 25th, 2014

ZProps launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Planetary Tech Station terrain terrain. Go have a look-see.



From the campaign:

The Tech Station set is a modular sci-fi terrain set made with games like X-wing, heroclix, and starship battles in mind.

After a LOT of hours of design/prototyping, here we have it. The most playable, most detailed 3D terrain you can get for your starship miniatures game!

This terrain system is a version 2.0 that I developed after being contracted to develop a similar set for another company. From that, this project was truly refined into what you see here.

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  • guges

    Almost twice as expensive as Tablescapes for an inferior material with less detailed sculpts?

    No thanks…

    • blkdymnd

      Tablescapes is eons less detailed than these boards

      • Eh, I’d say they are about the same level of detail.

        The Tablescapes ones will be more durable, and not prone to warping.

      • guges

        Those large block greebles these things have are far less detailed than the Tablescapes stuff. The Tablescapes stuff have all kinds of details and parts, and even their clean urban streets board has very fine cracks in the pavement and the such. If you don’t believe me, go check the photos of the finished decks in the Tablescapes updates.

        Also, a 4×4 tablecape board cost $125 on their Kickstarter. These guys are $210 for a 3×4. So almost double the price for less product and an inferior material.

        • guges

          These guys are actually $210 for a 3×3. Why can’t you edit comments once posted?

  • Todosi

    Combat Wombat also makes a very similar product for a lot cheaper. Not sure if these guys did their market research before beginning their Kickstarter.

    • guges

      Wow, Combat Wombat is half the price for essentially the same product. It’s also not a Kickstarter so if there’s a lot less risk in buying from them and you will probably get your product a lot faster.

  • Zac

    I’m not sure why this particular project has everyone so worked up but I think that after look at them, there are some clear differences between these and the Combat Wombat tiles.

    First, I think there is a bit more detail in these and secondly (and its important for me) they did work to make sure that the tiles join up without an obvious seam. The Combat Wombat stuff is nice but when you put them together you have some pretty obvious tile seams.

    The turret towers they are offering are also a lot nicer and a lot more detailed.

    I’d be hesitant to pick up either though as they are both made of resin and I suspect that warping and breakage would be a very pressing issue for both

    • guges

      None of these differences are significant, worth double the price tag, or worth taking a risk on a Kickstarter for.