Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide available to pre-order

Zombies: A Hunter's GuideOsprey Publishing is now accepting pre-orders for Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide.

From their announcement:
For years, government propaganda has been assuring us that the zombie threat does not exist. That the battle of Mexico City was nothing other than a drug war, reports of roving bands of undead swarming across a deserted Chernobyl were merely groups of memorabilia hunters braving the nuclear fallout for profit. Even the L.A. Bust-out, the largest and best-documented outbreak in recent times has been blamed on a small-scale civil riot.

But we know the truth. Over the last 60 years, undead outbreaks have been on the increase, and for us to be able to combat the zombie menace we must, as Sun Tzu recommended, know our enemy. This meticulously researched book, released as a public service by military history publisher Osprey and written by undead expert Joseph McCullough, is the ideal handbook for any aspiring zombie hunters. Lavishly illustrated by Mariusz Kozik, who has been studying Polish zombies for decades, and including artwork by Charlie Adlard (who has been forced by censorship laws to release his research under the guise of fictional graphic novel series ‘The Walking Dead’) this Hunter’s Guide traces the evolution of the zombie, the many various forms and types of zombie, the best ways of dispatching each type of ‘Z’, a tactical analysis of how best to clear your own home or office of an infestation, and an analysis of the zombie hunter’s equipment.

This book will not necessarily save you from the Zombie apocalypse. But it will help you survive for long enough to give you a chance. Available for pre-order now, Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide is released just in time for Halloween (when the undead can roam the streets at will).

No Zombies were harmed in the making of this book. Harming a Zombie is not enough – you need to ensure that it is completely destroyed. So, a number of zombies were beheaded by Samurai swords, bludgeoned by crowbars, dispatched by a well placed shot from a handgun, and splattered by an AA-12. Consider it a public service on our behalf. No extra charge.

80 Pages of Zombie Goodness (Contents)
• Introduction 4
• Necromantic Zombies 6
• Voodoo Zombies 14
• Nazi Zombies 20
• Revenants 25
• Atomic Zombies 33
• Viral Zombies 44
• Zombie Masters 50
• Viral Hounds and Other
• Zombified Animals 55
• Zombie Hunters 59
• Zombie Hunter Weapons
• And Equipment 66
• Zombie Hunter Tactics 71
• Further Reading,
• Watching, Gaming 76
• Glossary 78
• Index 80