Zombie Daze Promo Deal From Frontline Games

By Polar_Bear
In Horror
Aug 7th, 2012

Frontline Games teamed up with Wargames Factory and is running a special deal. Buy the Zombie Daze box set from Frontline, and you’ll get the Zombie Vixens set (we showed them off recently) from Wargames Factory for free!

From the announcement:

FREE Zombie Vixens and Zombie Daze Event Cards!

When you buy FLG’s Zombie Daze box set, you will get…
• 1 FREE box of Wargames Factory’s new Zombie Vixens!
• 1 FREE Vixens special rule card for Zombie Daze!
• 1 FREE set of Zombie Daze Event Cards!

“They ain’t like other Zombies!”

For a limited time and while supplies last.
Ships the week of August 20th.

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  • Armorman39

    50 plus miniatures (and most are Zombies, too bad for the poor 3 survivors LOL!) – very cool!

  • TomasT

    Looked like a sweet deal, but FFS, Frontline, how about some photos where one can actually see what one is about to buy.
    The way I think of it, with so blurry pictures, the minis must be crappy…
    Perhaps I’m wrong, but the impression sticks.

  • Armorman39

    I had no problem seeing the miniatures (and they are very nice BTW), but seems they have added more pictures (if you scroll down their “more Info” page closer pictures of the miniatures are there) here:

    Seems you were heard…

    The deal IS a sweet, the value of the miniatures included in the box set alone retail for as much as the box set price (if not more) and then the special of getting the WGF Zombies and the Event cards just adds to the value. VERY SWEET deal!

    I rather like the Blood Horror.

  • Captain Pike

    Anybody know anything about “Zombie Daze” ? I can’t find a review anywhere of it or the rule on which it’s based, “Frontline Command”.

  • Armorman39

    I have played FLC many times.

    Card based activation system, when the suit of your side is flipped; you can activate any of your pieces that have not gone that turn. Each character has an action to perform (Moving, firing, picking up items and so on).

    The Zombies are pretty much mindless and move random until they see you or “detect” you via smell or sound and then they become focused on you, also they are drawn to gun fire big time. The “Muties” and “Crazies” activate just like survivor characters thinking infected/undead sort of speak (but don’t operate weapons).

    The event cards are picked every turn and handed to the players, they allow you to (according to the card) insert random events, such as a player running and you can play a “trip” card and roll to see if the opponents character falls, find ammo, Undead/infected play “out of Ammo” after you fire, regular Zombies can evolve into mutants and things like, IMHO the event cards make the game very entertaining so having them included is a definite plus.

    Once you play it a turn, it picks up easy and is fast, the balance is in the favor of the Zombies/Infected (as it should be so get in and out!) and it gets pretty tense – which is fun in a game like this. The last show I attended we played a game using these rules called “Where’s Charles”. It starts out with all the Survivors at the vehicle but the guy with the keys is no where to be found and the group has just foraged through a part of town making lots of noise (Zombies are now attracted to the noise) and thought they were home free until that – lots of fun.