Zombicide Season II Kickstarter launches, funds in 2 minutes

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Mar 2nd, 2013

Zombicide Season II has launched their Kickstarter… and got funding in 2 minutes… and is already 6x over their goal.
So it’s going to be a busy 29 days for some of my office mates, it seems.

From the announcement:

We funded in 2 minutes. Ummm… stretch goals?
This is rather unexpected – but fear not, some great stuff coming! Thank you all, you are amazing!

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  • surprize

    unexpected? Yeah. I sure hope they planned some stretch goals, I guess they were expecting to bimble along and maybe hit funding in the last day or so. Its great when something unexpected comes out of nowhere and does well.

  • cybogoblin

    It’s a shame that the first game didn’t do well enough to allow the creators to put out Season 2 under their own steam. Still, at least they have Kickstarter to fall back on.

  • GhedJennar

    I think it did do well enough to put it out under their own steam. Still using kickstarter is a proven and strong marketing method to hype and spread the word about your game. Also it gives you best cost benefit ratio over traditional supply chain methods of distribution. It’s essentially a direct sales method of marketing now and less of a funding initiative. Which is sad in a way.

    • PanzerKraken

      Kick starter doesn’t care anymore, its all about the money these big projects bring in.

      • cybogoblin

        That’s what I figured. It’s great to see this game do so well, be it does kinda drown out the smaller projects that could really benefit from the money.

        • Dogier

          I fail to see the correlation between one project’s success and other project’s failure/struggle.
          This would be true perhaps if everyone was forced to chose one KS project and one project only. Then maybe the majority would chose the ‘better’ or ‘more succesful’ one.
          I took the liberty to take a look at the backers section of the KS. At the moment of writing there are 57 pages of backers. On the first page (first atm) the 50 people listed have backed from 1 to ~300 other projects. The average for this page is 72,42 other projects backed! This doesn’t seem to point to your conclusion. On the contrary – Zombicide backers seem to be pretty generous for different startups.

          I would actually go as far as to say that those who come to KS expressly to back Zombicide could possibly browse KS in search of other interesting projects, but I’m speculating of course.

          • cybogoblin

            And yet, I know a good many people, including myself, who have to limit their KS spending. We end up having to choose between a project that we like, but isn’t able to offer great deals because they’re a small startup, and one that offers great deals because it already has a successful product and a good chunk of cash behind it.

            It’s not hard to guess which way people will go.

            Yes, some of the people supporting this project are supporting a large number of other products, but at what level? Have they got $1 pledges on those projects so they can receive updates? Will they pull their pledge later? There are multiple factors at play.

          • Dogier

            You’re absolutely right that it’s an assumption on my part that those backers also support other games… but it’s also assumption on your part that they don’t or that their level of support is too low. You ahven’t proven your point; neither in your first post nor in the second.
            The flaw in your logic is that you’re trying to say that GG using KS will have a negative impact on other projects. You say you have to make a choice between Zombicide and another project. How is that different from Zombicide being sold in an LGS? Will this make Zombicide a worse game? Will this make you (or anyone else) not want to buy it?
            It looks as though you’re trying to say: I can/want to buy this game in a store, but I don’t want to buy it on KS because then my KS budget will be reduced… no sense in that whatsoever.
            If you want to buy a product then do so. If you don’t… don’t. If you prefer to spend money on another project… how is Zombicide preventing you from doing that?

            It amazes me how ridiculous the reasons get each time someone says some project or another “shouldn’t” be on KS. Not trying to be disrespectful.

          • cybogoblin

            Y’know, you’re right. We’re both making assumptions. I guess I’ve just been on the wrong end of too many promising projects that have barely made funding goals while other projects have easily raked in the cash to look at this in a balanced way.

            As for KS vs LGS – they are very different ways to sell (or pre-sell) a product. If a product sells well in a store, more product doesn’t appear on the shelves automatically, or at discounted prices. In this situation, it does seem like GG are using KS as a way of pre-ordering, plain and simple. There isn’t even a section on the main page explaining why they are using KS to fund the game(s).

            In all honesty, this is something that could probably have been run on CMON or GG’s site with similar results. There isn’t anything that makes this stand out as a project in need of support. But, as PanzerKraken says, KS doesn’t seem to care any more, and that could have negative consequences for smaller projects that actually need support to succeed.

          • Dogier

            I’ll start a new reply at the end of the thread, because this nested comment is getting pretty thin (pun not intended)

      • Zarathud

        I don’t understand the “Kickstarter doesn’t care” comment. The Kickstarter Project Guidelines are pretty straightforward. The Zombicide KS meets those guidelines. How is Kickstarter allowing a project to run that meets their guidelines an indication that they don’t care? Nowhere is it stated that they only allow projects that can’t get funding elsewhere.

        • Dogier

          Well said.

    • Dogier

      How is it sad? I’m genuinely curious.

  • It’s sad because I haven’t backed it.

    • Dogier

      “I’m sad because I haven’t backed it.”
      ^^ there, I fixed it for you

      • I’m sad because you didn’t give me the money to back it. πŸ˜€

        • Dogier

          Yeah,… no!
          Anyway, I like how it proves my point πŸ˜›

  • Dogier

    Ok, right. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then. πŸ™‚ About KS I mean.
    I believe KS is allowed to evolve into whatever they wish to evolve into.

    -If they continue to support tiny startups, that’s all fine by me.

    -If they become (or have already become) a full-fledged pre-order platform… I say:why not? Who’s to tell them what they should or should not do. They’re not public service.

    -If they merge the two activities (which I believe is a win-win or even win-win-win situation), well more power to them! Let them earn their money from big projects which in turn will allow them to continue supporting the weaker projects.

    Heck, I’ll go even further: I know you didn’t mean to say that KS in general is bad for sales in LGS, but I have seen this argument too so I’ll just add this to the mix.
    AFAIK Zombicide’s success on KS in particular didn’t affect any LGS in a negative way. On the contrary: most stores have their Zombicide stock sold out! I’m pretty sure this will be the case with the new boxes too. A project’s KS popularity has a positive effect on traditional sales just because
    a)not everyone got to KS on time
    b)not everyone had the money at the time
    c)not everyone was convinced as to whether it’s a cool game or not for them
    d)the positive KS hype is kept up by the backers once they get their product – making them perfect for spreading the word after the KS

    so in fact IMHO KS taking those ‘big/bigger’ blatantly pre-sale projects is nothing bad; it’s win-win-win-win-win situation LOL (for KS, for the project, for other projects, for stores and for the customers)
    It’s only the middle man that loses and that’s going to be the case for any and all KS projects be it big or small. Direct sale is direct sale. Or if you prefer KS is the new middle man, just with a clear cut that everyone is aware of. And frankly I don’t care that much for the traditional middle man.

  • Toyznthehood

    The traditional middleman is the Local Gaming Store

    • Dogier

      Yes, that’s true I guess. I got caught up in thinking about a more traditional supply chain with the ‘traditional’ middle man i.e. wholesale. You’re right though that in the case of miniatures and games the market is so small that the LGSs get their stock directly from the game companies.
      Thanks for pointing that out πŸ™‚

  • Toyznthehood

    No worries πŸ™‚ I think Kickstarter is an incredible thing but I do worry that if it removes the gaming stores completely from the equation then who will help complete beginners discover our hobby?

  • A lot of the games you see through KS wouldn’t even make it into distribution without a succesful KS, so your LGS would have to normally order it direct from the company.

    Otherwise, you’d probably not see these in a game store at all, even if there is only one copy on the shelf.