Zombicide Season 3 busting through stretch goals

Zombicide Season 3 is keeping up the momentum of the previous incarnations, breaking through bunches of stretch goals in just their first day on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

We’ve just barely left the first 24 hours and we’ve already crossed $610k!

and of course we have more stretch goals to show you guys!

We’re also excited to open up the optional buys for you guys! We’ve got new a new guest artist box by Miguel Coimbra, the Kickstarter exclusive Survivor: Patrick, skull trackers, and the hard to find Zombie Dogs and Dog Companions that we introduced last season!

  • blackfly

    Glad to see the tradition of making money on the shoulders of others continues. I’m sure royalties checks are on their way to NBC, Universal, etc for licensing of Big Bang Theory, Die Hard, Dirty Harry, Dukes of Hazard, House, The Professional, etc, on down the line.

    • wittdooley

      Awe….Boo hoo.

      The game made nearly $600k before there were any of the aforementioned leaving you so salty.

      • Soulfinger

        So, you are saying that $600k is enough to cover the royalties, or do you mean that they made enough money that U.S. IP laws do not apply?

  • Sisyphus

    Meh… I still haven’t gotten the wave 2 stuff I was supposed to get in March. I’m not sure I’m gonna back this time. I also feel sad for my LFGS. He bought copies to sell but everyone who wanted them already did the KS. So they sit gathering dust on the shelf in his store.

    • Ghool

      With the amount of ‘free’ stretch goals given away in these campaigns, it’s no wonder an FLGS can’t sell those copies at suggested retail.

      If you missed the KS, the value just isn’t there, which makes it doubly hard for game stores to sell.

      • KelRiever

        Why even bother trying to sell it? Kickstarter is bypassing the store. There’s no telling because a kickstarter was successful that a game will be a repeat seller, because it isn’t like the buyers could review the product before they got it.

        Maybe, MAYBE, put one copy in the story to say you have one? And if it sells, get more. Mostly, it doesn’t seem worth the risk.

  • lochmoigh

    The not X people can be looked at in a satirical light and maybe avoid the whole IP thing.


  • grimbergen

    I’m not entirely convinced it’s the pop culture not-x dudes that are driving the majority of pledges. To me it’s about capitalizing on the perfection intersection of the zombie trend + group/party boardgames + KS exclusives(regardless of the inspiration )+ piles upon piles of plastic freebies that most people seem to think are a great deal. I think the CMON brand also helps – while everyone online seems to be trash talking them, that appears to be the vocal minority given how successful their campaigns continue to be.

    For example look at Wrath of Kings. As a miniatures skirmish game with a completely new IP, it doesn’t have much going for it already. Then consider the untraditional sword/sorcery designs and no pop culture referenced minis, yet it did quite well with regard to any tabletop gaming KS project. It did have KS exclusives, especially the Kingdom Death tie-in, but it was official.

    Compare that with Helldorado which also was quite successful (probably also due to the KD tie-in and many other KS exclusives), but didn’t do quite as well as Wrath even though it is already a well regarded miniatures line and game system…probably not helped by the entire Cipher situation.

  • grimbergen

    I know I’m sounding like a fanboi so ahead and flame on…

    I just remembered the recent announcement that the boardgame had shipped 60,000 units to date, whereas the first KS only had 5200 backers and S2 had 8900, so the KS pop culture figures probably didn’t have that much to do with its popularity.

    Normally a non-big box store boardgame is considered a big success if it sells more than 10-15k units.

    So a lot of the pledgers are likely people who missed out on the first and/or 2nd KS, got the game through normal retail channels, and want to get in freebies.

  • Helljin

    So no option for S2 backers who just want correctly printed dashboards?

  • PanzerKraken

    Going to skip this one. Season 2 and the TCM expansions/Dog stuff were all pretty poor extensions to the game. Every aspect of the 2nd kickstarter wave felt completely untested, they just tossed stuff at the game essentially with the mentality that players do whatever they want, we don’t have to test this. Frankly TCM and S2 just were not fun to play with, the new stuff just added lot of awkward situations and frustration to what was a good simple game. Wave 3 for the game looks to be continuing the trend with even more add on rules and features.

    Zombicide I think was a perfect game, everything being added to it just feels like its diluting the experience.

    • Ghool

      ….which happens no matter what IP or game it is. Expand it enough, and the core experience gets diluted.
      But that’s irrelevant, and successful game will expand, although it’s never necessary for any one owning the game to do-so. But as many board gamers will attest, expanding on the game is the only way to keep it fresh and selling.