Zombicide in the wild! First unboxing shots?

Zombicide is working their way through the channels to get out to you. Here’s some of the first photos of the finished product’s contents.

From them to you:

First look at Zombicide in the wild! Here’s an unboxing from Lignum87 at Flickr!

  • Yep, I got my set yesterday and threw some pictures up on BGG.


    At first glance the components look to be very high quality, and the overall look and feel of the game is that is a well-made product.

    Can’t wait to get a game in!

    • Bellygrub

      Awesome. Thanks for the eldurand. Hopefully my set won’t be to far behind.

  • Arrgrh!! Haven’t even gotten my tracking info yet! Not bitching, mind you. I know they have a crap-ton of boxes to ship, but it’s hard to wait 🙂

    Thanks for posting the pics!

  • cccp

    A video on french website : link text