Zombicide goes through $140k line

Zombicide just crossed the $140k mark and so there’s goodies!

From the update:

Achieved! Walk of the Dead. Classic Romero-esque Horror! Get 12 additional Alert Cards with just Walkers….. and 20 additional Walkers just to round things out per boxed game if you pledge Abomination or above ($100)! Learn to fear the slow and predictable!

  • surprize

    Generating plenty of interest, but a shame the creators don’t respond to questions through the kick-starter web-site. I was very tempted to go for the $100 deal, but only if the minis are hard plastic, rather than the soft plastic flight fantasy use. Can’t see the answer in any of the updates, and the creators haven’t responded to my enquires. Still with over $180k pledged I can’t blame them for not caring about my $100!!!

  • An answer post

    CoolMiniOrNot about 5 hours ago

    @TitanGames They’re the same material as the stuff Privateer Press makes their models from, so not rubbery if that’s your fear.