Zombicide: Black Plague Launches on Kickstarter (Updated)

It’s here, folks! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter has launched. In this iteration, the game takes you back to a fantasy Middle Ages where evil Necromancers are causing a Zombie uprising. It’s up to the intrepid Survivors to not only live in this world, but they must be on the lookout for any Necromancers in the area and take them out, lest there be more and more Zombies drawn to the area.

There are two pledge levels (except for the Early Bird level). The first gets you the Black Plague game as well as the Hero Box-1, which adds 5 more Survivors to the available pool for your game. From there, you have the $150 pledge level where you not only get the Black Plague box, but also the first expansion, Wulfsburg. You also get the Hero Box-1. Also, for the $150 level, you get the exclusive Gowan Survivor mini.
Both levels will also include all applicable stretch goals (so any freebies that show up).

Zombies! Zombies everywhere! Go and pledge now.

Update: Well, it seems that everyone was pretty excited about this new version. The Kickstarter servers were a bit overwhelmed initially, and some people were having trouble getting to the campaign. Don’t worry, though, as the problem seems to have been resolved.

Update 2: And the campaign’s good and funded already, quickly blowing past Zombicide: Rue Morgue’s first day of $450k in less than two hours!


  • crazytuco

    Funded in less than 20 minutes. Now there’s just four weeks of stretch goals.

    • Lexthilian

      I really hope they have an Arnold/ Conan knock-off and a Solomon Kane hero.

  • estrus

    I have to admit I am quite peeved at KS. I was F5ing the CMON page at 11:59. I put in for the early bird as soon as it went live, everything seemed legit but then for the first time ever up top it keep looping PROCESSING.
    Wouldn’t you know it, 10 mins after the EBs are all sold out, it reverts to normal and I get an email along the lines of ” OOOOPS the Pledge Level you wanted is gone. Sorry.” It’s the principle of the thing, wtf happened??

    • TGN_Jared

      It seems KS’s systems just couldn’t handle the stress on this one. Really annoying.

    • crazytuco

      Yeah, KS’s system apparently isn’t set up to handle this level of traffic. I’d be more upset if the price difference between early bird and non-early bird pledges were more than $10. As it is, at $140 or $150 it’s an insane deal for what’s been unlocked already and we’re less than 24 hours into the KS.