Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter Video Posted

Seems the previews just never stop for the upcoming Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter. Along with all the character previews (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), box game previews, and the Wulfsburg preview, CMON, has posted up the video that will accompany the Kickstarter campaign. You can check it out embedded below.

One note: The campaign for the Kickstarter will still start at 3pm on June 8th. So while the video makes it sound like the campaign is running now, that’s just because it’s the campaign video. The launch date has not changed.


  • Shaun Stevenson

    I really want to back this on KS, but I’m worried I’ll be waiting forever for it to be delivered to the UK. Are my fears unfounded? Anyone bought stuff from CMON through KS and had problems or was it smooth running?

    • Donald Peter Gardner

      I am from the UK and backed both Arcadia quest and zombicide season 3 and have had no problems at all, just don’t expect a tracking number