Zenit Miniatures starts Nemesis campaign on Indiegogo

Zenit Miniatures has started an Indiegogo campaign looking to fund a new edition of their Nemesis minis game and the Nephalites army.

From the campaign:

After three years of creating hundreds of groups of players, more than one hundred and fifty models, we have begun to prepare the second edition of our rules book, (Spanish and English) but now we would like to make it with full color illustrations.

Apart from that, we want develop a new race for this game “The Nephalites”. This campaign has also the objective make this new race real.

To do this, we need your help in funding the necessary work of making models and illustrations, join us to keep creating the universe of Nemesis and continuing its development.

  • Nightbee

    Oh yeah! I’ve been weakly resisting Nemesis for years now, but this will put me over the edge. Shame that they set up a campaign without any real stretch goals or anything, though.

  • Shades

    Ouch. I failed to resist Nemesis, and so I bought my fill over the last couple of years, but I have yet to paint and play what I collected. If I had only waited for a crowd-funding campaign, I would have saved a lot of money probably! Oh well, I’m still a huge fan, and I’ve had much enjoyment just collecting these beautiful miniatures. The rules look really solid, too, from what I recall.

  • papasmrf667

    Awesome! I have been lurkign on their site for a logn time. Probably goign to go with the 2 army packs, Kingdom of God vs Not alive

  • Mananarepublic

    I’m in!

  • Veritas

    I’ve been watching this for a couple of days and three things bother me.

    First, the lack of info on the goal of the project. Why do you need a new rules set right now? Where is more info on this new army other than a concept sketch? With the total lack of info and the campaign page dominated by pictures of existing product it looks more like Zenit is using IndieGoGo as an alternate webstore rather than running a crowd funding campaign.

    Second, highly successful crowd funding campaigns all include stretch goals to give us something to really shoot for with our pledges. This has a single character. Plus, having stretch goals show you really have a forward thinking plan for where you want to go not only with the campaign, but with the game in general as well.

    Third, I’m not happy Zenit is already developing a 6th faction when they haven’t managed to get the Rocavivas to a well developed level yet. I mean, they made it one of the armies in their starter set, but have really dropped the ball on releases to get the army up to par. In my opinion they should be releasing two Rocavivas models for every one model in another army for at least a couple of waves.