Zenit Miniatures Posts New Kensei Releases

With August just about to come to a close, companies that have August Releases are looking to get them out there to you, the waiting public. Zenit Miniatures tends to have their monthly releases come out right at the end of the month, and this one’s no different. There’s three new sets of minis available for Kensei over in their webshop.

This time around there’s the Onna Bushi, the Teppo Ronin unit, as well as the Teppo Sohei.
Whenever I see releases for this game, it makes me want to get some Chinese food and watch old Gordon Liu movies.

Anyway, all of these are available now in Zenit’s webshop.


  • Guest

    This is a Japanese themed game and has nothing to do with Chinese food or Gordon Liu movies. That’s like seeing a new release of Teutonic Knights and suddenly having a craving for crepes and Gerard Depardieu films.

    • And who says I don’t have that happen to me?

      • Guest

        Surely you could find some Toshiro Mifune films and Japanese food and save Gordon Liu for an actual Chinese themed game.

        • The good Sushi/Japanese Steak House is a bit pricey for an average Saturday (though they are extremely tasty).

          And now that I look at it… I don’t have any Kurasawa films on DVD… This will have to be rectified.

          • odinsgrandson

            Last time I went to P. F. Chang’s, each person at the table ordered cuisine from a different nation (Korean, Mongolian, Japanese and Chinese).

            I’d still bet that the meals didn’t closely resemble the native cuisines anyway.

            (oh, and that was at Gencon, so it is still pertinent here).

          • I’ve never been to a P.F. Chang’s, though every year in Indy, I know several people that end up going.

            There are a couple good Japanese places around here (Nori Nori and Kiku come to mind), but as I mentioned, they can be a bit on the pricey side for a humble newsbear to afford on a regular basis (as much as I wish I could go there once a week). *dreams of eating all the sushi*

          • odinsgrandson

            Our group once described it as “Average Chinese food at premium prices” or “the GW of Chinese restaurants.”

            All together, the experience is more about the company you’re with.

          • odinsgrandson

            No Kurosawa at all?

            The shame of it!

          • I know, right!?!

            I do remember once when I lived in Kansas, there was a Hasting’s there that had a “Kurosawa Film Collection” set. Thing is, the box didn’t say what was inside. So I asked one of the people that worked there and they looked it up online. I forget what movies it included, but I know it /didn’t/ have Ran, Yojimbo, /or/ 7 Samurai. Now, I know Kurosawa made a lot of very good films over the course of his career, but come on! How can you have a Kurosawa Film Collection and not only not have all of those, but not have ANY of them?

            I didn’t get the set.

        • And don’t call me Sherley.