Zenit Miniatures adds more to their Nemesis Wargame Indiegogo campaign

Zenit Miniatures has added some more perks to their stretch goals over in their Nemesis Wargame Indiegogo campaign.
Note: Topless women art on their main page.

We added more gifts at our IndieGoGo campaign If we reach 4000$, all perks of I want to Fight an higher will get “The Preacher” the first Nephalite miniature for free.

If we reach more than 6000$, all perks of I want my ARMY an higher can get for free one extra miniature among Great Gladiator, Flautist, Sword woman, Soul slayer and Rocaviva heroine. If your perk includes more than one army box you can choose one miniature for each Army box you get.

  • If I’m reading it right, this campaign gets all the money regardless of whether or not it reaches it’s goal. All the models are already done so I guess they’ll deliver on them for certain, it’s just a question of how nice the rulebook is.

  • Just asked Daniel Pro Gil to clarify this point. I know people are afraid of indiegogo because of this alleged possibility that they don’t get their money back in case the goal is not reached.
    I’m pretty sure Daniel Pro Gil will not let this happen. I’d sugest anybody who has concerns or comments to ask him. His english is not perfect but he replies fast.

    Here are a couple of precisions I was able to get :

    The new faction starter box will probably be added to some perks if the funding goal is reached
    Individual heroes may be available for purchase or extras separatley (to be confirmed)
    The second edition rulebook will benefit from a translation by a native english speaking translator and translation issues from the previous edition should be solved.

  • Nightbee

    The odds of them reaching either of those goals don’t seem very high, so the rewards aren’t that interesting. Wish Zenit had found a way to use Kickstarter.

    And yeah, IndieGoGo’s “Flex Funding” campaigns are for items that are already produced (like this one) or will be produced regardless of the outcome (like Greebo’s nippo goblins).

    • You’re right. Daniel Pro Gil told me that there will be no refund because, anyway, he’ll be able to give people what’s in their pledge level.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      I wouldn’t count them out quite yet. These long time-span IndieGoGo campaigns tend to be late bloomers, so to speak. The 1650 campaign looked just as sorry for the first 30 days or so, but during the last 15 they handily broke their original goal (and rightly so, an utterly amazing line of minis, that).

  • I wouldn’t expect big stretch goals or rewards. Zenit is a very small business. Their minis are nice and somewhat original and the rule system is promising (with a bit of triming and a good translation)