Z-Man Games Posts new Fae Preview

Z-Man Games is working on recreating Clans under the new name of Fae. The mechanics still work much the same, while all the artwork is getting a makeover. But what are those rules, anyway? In this preview, you get a look at how the druids walk around their enchanted forest, looking to complete their rituals in peace.

From the post:

The druid looks down, noticing the brown robe is now shifting to purple. A horned figure appears, smiling and motioning the druid forward through the woods. The druid follows through the thick foliage, stumbling into a clearing with druids wearing robes of blue, red, and yellow. The horned figure grins and vanishes as the druid joins the circle.

The five enigmatic spirits of the Fae compete for control of the realm. The druids of the Baruitha clan follow the voices they hear, desperate to please the spirits and find their way home. Little do they know, the spirits are manipulating their movements, playing a game larger than the druids can understand.