You Don’t Know Warjack! trivia contest

WhiteMoon Dreams, developer of the Warmachine video game, are having a Warmachine trivia contest.

From their website:

WhiteMoon Dreams, with the help of Privateer Press, is hosting a Warmachine Fan Trivia contest on our Warmachine Forum page. This is a big ‘Thank You’ from us to all of the fans who have been patiently following the progress on the videogame. In the Month of July we will be holding a trivia contest to test your Warmachine knowledge. Starting this week, a list of 20 questions will be posted here on the forum relating to Warmachine. A few random tidbits will be thrown in for good measure as well. This all leads up to the big event that WhiteMoon Dreams and Privateer Press will be hosting at GenCon 2010.

The winners will be judged based on who has as many complete answers as possible on their entry. The questions are challenging so it will be difficult for you to know every answer, but there must surely be some fans out there that are up to the challenge. All entries must be emailed to by Monday August 2nd at midnight.

Check out their website for full contest rules and a list of prizes.