Yndaros: The Darkest Star Adventure For Symbaroum Up On Kickstarter

Just looking at movie series, you know people are always excited about the next installment of a beloved property. In the case of tabletop RPGs, that’s no different. In this case, it’s the next part of the Throne of Thorns campaign for Symbaroum. It’s called Yndaros: The Darkest Star and it’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Swedish game studio Järnringen is back on Kickstarter aiming to fund the translation and post-production of the third episode in their grand Symbaroum campaign, the Throne of Thorns. Part III is entitled Yndaros – the Darkest Star, and is set in Yndaros: the thriving, yet unruly capital of the Ambrian kingdom, located on the banks of the mighty River Doudram.

As with previous episodes, the book is divided into three sections. First is the City of Contrasts, which is meant to be read by both players and Game Masters, offering an introduction to the city of Yndaros as it is known to people in general. The second section is for the Game Master’s eyes only and offers a deep descent beneath the surface. A significant part is devoted to secrets which may be used to produce homebrew adventures or even lengthy campaigns, but the majority of the section introduces new and optional rules. The remainder of the book is dedicated to the adventure The Darkest Star. Without going into details, it can hardly come as a surprise that something will happen as the people of Yndaros are preparing to celebrate the marital union between queen Korinthia’s sister, Duchess Esmerelda, and Thabor of Yedesa, the son of High Chieftan Tharaban…

What is a bit special about this Kickstarter Campaign is that Järnringen will use a pledge manager for the very first time, making it possible for them to offer previously released Symbaroum products as add-ons. Considering the project discounts, it is safe to say that there has never been a better time to pick up the core and campaign books, and to join the ever growing community of Symbaroum gamers.

The campaign is more than 3x funded with still 22 days left to go.