XYZ Game Labs Bringing Inoka To Kickstarter In May

Mankind has only been around on this planet a relatively short time. We’re really just a small blip on the Earth’s timeline. Much of history stretches back without us. And, in those times, forest creatures would compete in a game called Achkai once a year in order to see who would be the Nature Spirit’s Guide for the year. You can take on the role of one of those creatures in the upcoming game, Inoka, coming to Kickstarter in May from XYZ Game Labs.

About the game:

Long before the age of man, the most enlightened of the forest’s creatures, the Inoka, competed in a game of strategy and wits to choose who will guide the Spirit of Nature for the next cycle of the Sun.

Once per year each village sends their brightest competitors to clash in a game called ‘Achkai’. The winner is decided by retrieving the most sacred stones and claiming the Leaf Totem. The champion becomes the Nature Spirit’s Guide for the year and with it they will control the ebb and flow of the forest, the river and the plains.

Inoka: Nature’s Spirit is a portable pocket-game that takes the well-known rock-paper-scissors mechanic and layers on beautiful art and a simple scoring system to create a quick, fun game that can be played anywhere and anytime, even when you only have a few minutes to kill.