WYSIWYGames Posts New Planet of the Apes Preview

The Apes are revolting! (Well, maybe if they’d wash up and stop flinging that poo around…)
No, I mean that they’re rising up against humanity and a war for dominance over the planet is starting! (Oh, that’s pretty bad).
Well, I mean, it’s on the tabletop, as a new game from WYSIWYGames. (Oh, that’s good, then. Tell me more.)
That’s just what they’re doing, as they’ve got a new website with a new preview of the game up. (Perfect!)

From the post:

Hello fellow Apes!

2017 has been a wild year for us at WYSIWYGames; we attended half a dozen gaming conventions around the world, met thousands of amazing gamers, and watched a whole lot of Planet of the Apes movies.

Development and playtesting is progressing well and we’re currently speaking with various manufacturers to make sure the final product is as great as it can be! Thanks to all of you who have joined our growing army and supported us on the beginning of this amazing ride!

With 2018 just around the corner, we’re excited to launch our new website where you’ll be able to get the latest information on each of our games. Its first focus will be for the upcoming Planet of the Apes Miniatures Boardgame, with galleries of miniatures, concept art, sneak peeks of prototypes, and of course a link to the Kickstarter campaign when it launches during spring 2018. The next update to the site will be a section for Z First Impact, the first game from ‘Apes designer, Hervé Sagnier, which we are excited to announce will be coming to the English-speaking world in 2018.


  • odinsgrandson

    Lots of licensed games coming out. I guess it makes sense, since from the start, KS games were all about making homages to them.

    Many years of playing videogames has taught me to avoid the licensed properties (although there are some exceptions).

    How well are the licensed board games being received?

    • Ghool

      All of what I have seen so far has been ‘meh’.
      The only exception is Big Trouble in Little China – it actually looks to be a really cool, ‘Choose your own adventure’ style of game.
      I’ll know for sure when my pre-order arrives.

      It’s the only one that actually has top-notch production, and interesting gameplay IMHO.

      • odinsgrandson

        By the way Ghool- did you ever find the perfect dungeon crawler that you were searching for?

        I’m thinking Massive Darkness wasn’t it, since it really doesn’t do campaign mode very well.

        • Ghool

          MD was what I was looking for – I didn’t want a 40 hour campaign I’d never finish. MD’s zero to hero in one session works perfectly for myself and the kids.

          • odinsgrandson

            Oh, that’s great then.

            I wonder why we didn’t talk about Super Dungeon or Black Plague for the Zero-to-Hero stuff.

          • Ghool

            For both of those games, the theme or the models didn’t do it for me.

          • odinsgrandson

            Fair enough.