Wyrd upcoming releases

Malifaux Book 2 CoverWyrd Miniatures have posted details of their release schedule for August, and October 2010.

From their announcement:
August will see an expansion rulebook for Malifaux along with additional box sets and clamshells for masters, henchmen and minions. A new deck of cards called our Puppet Deck, which can be used as an alternative Fate Deck and is made out of plastic, making it much more durable to wear and tear during play. Lastly, we partnered with WorldWorksGames to create fully customizable and tangible terrain for your skirmish gaming which we call Terraclips. Our first three offers of this new line will be the 3D Streets, Sewers and Buildings of Malifaux.

These will see an early release at Gencon with a public release over the next couple of months through distribution and retailers. Information is below.

August Releases

WYR6013 – Malifaux Expansion Rulebook: Rising Powers – $35 (256 full color pages, soft cover)

The battles waged to control the Soulstone trade have created class divisions for mankind in Malifaux. While the Guild struggles to maintain peace and control the flow of Soulstones beneath an iron fist, Arcanists, mages basking in the glory of their newfound power, have bonded together to oppose those that would deny them the glory of their natural abilities. Resurrectionists practicing the necromantic art of rebirth and reanimation have shed the vestiges of their humanity with each accursed syllable of their unholy pacts. And the inhabitants of this new world, the Neverborn, stand against them all, determined to drive them back through the Great Breach that spans the aether between worlds.

Here, in Malifaux, the battle lines are drawn and new allies and adversaries have risen to meet the escalation in power. More than the exploitation of coveted Soulstone is at stake. The balance of Life and Death stands against the twisting of Fate’s forces.

As the world of Malifaux expands, so do the opportunities for conflict. A growing encounter system gives players nearly limitless options to fight over. Also, you are no longer limited by the Master you choose to lead your Crew. Henchmen have appeared to take on additional roles unavailable before, and releasing the previously unknown power of the Special Forces.

With the stories in this Malifaux expansion, new characters are presented for every faction – Guild, Resurrectionists, Arcanists, Neverborn, and Outcasts, including a look at the Gremin Kin, one group of Special Forces.

TerraClips is a 3D, modular terrain system which allows gamers to create expansive, multi-level layouts on-the-fly. Simply punch out the durable components, clip them together using our patent pending TerraClips system, and play! Exquisitely detailed textures created by award winning artists at WorldWorksGames combine to make this one of the most eye catching, easy to use, and flexible terrain system on the market. It is an ideal setting for games of all types and is compatible with all TerraClips products. Mix & match components, stack sewers below, road networks and buildings above.

September Releases

October Releases