Wyrd to release compact Malifaxu rules

Malifaux Rules ManualWyrd Miniatures have announced the upcoming release of a compact version of the Malifaux rulebook.?
From their announcement:
Wyrd Miniatures, LLC is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Malifaux Rules Manual. This comprehensive play aid will include all the rules, updated with current errata, diagrams and detailed examples of frequently asked questions, as well as all of the encounters for the popular Malifaux skirmish game in an easily referenced compact form (5.5″x 8.5″).

This addition to our product line is great for players to keep alongside their rulebooks. The existing rulebooks are still essential to Malifaux as they contain the miniature statistics and story arcs, but the portable size of the new Rules Manual makes it easy for everyone to have the key points in one compact manual for quick reference.

This guide will be available in early 2011 as both a full color printed book which will retail for $15USD, as well as a free PDF, which will have much less content, but will make the core rules accessible to anyone that would like to try out the rules before diving into the rich background of Malifaux.