Wyrd release update

Wyrd Miniatures have posted an update on their release schedule.

From their announcement:

It’s been a while since we gave you an update on the company. First, we want to thank everyone for your ongoing support and enthusiasm of the Malifaux line and interest in the upcoming Puppet Wars.

March 2011 saw Wyrd Miniatures move for the second time in sixteen months to accommodate our growth. We’re finally settling into our larger office and warehouse facility. Unfortunately, the move doesn’t come without its own issues – not everything goes as smoothly as one hopes and maintaining all the working parts, as well as business as usual, is impossible. The biggest issue we faced was completing the move and re-starting our packing and shipping.

Due to these complications and numerous requests by customers, retailers, and distributors for releases earlier in each month, we are moving our releases back by one month in order to accommodate this request as well as acclimate properly after the move. This will enable distributors to plan on receipt of Wyrd product during the first week of every month and allow retailers to more accurately determine when Wyrd products will arrive on shelves. So March releases, which would have been sent to distributors between the 25th and 28th, will in fact be sent to distributors on April 1st and will become April releases. This adjustment results in a difference of only three to five days, but now the schedule will accurately reflect the month that product is being released in.

Moving forward, we plan to continue delivering Malifaux to all of you and continue bringing you the necessary information on upcoming releases. We’re actively working on all of this, and we hope that you’ll be as excited about them as we are.

  • djwetmouse

    Good to hear they are expanding, but I hope it’s not too quickly. I’ve been trying to put a Privateer Press Gatorman army for a while now but the only model I could get was the Bloody Barnabas all the rest has been on backorder for two going on three months. I can only assume is that they weren’t ready for the demand. Here’s hoping that Wyrd has an easy and problem free move.

  • And again, major points for them being upfront and describing what’s going on. Fans will be OK with delays given some background, IMHO.

  • cybogoblin

    As long as I can still pick up C. Hoffman at GenCon, it’s fine with me 🙂

  • I think they are expanding a bit too fast. Some of their recent mini releases are well below their previous standard. Most notable for me are the Ryle figure and the Guard Captain (I bought the Lucius box). The Ryle figure has some very rough sculpting in certain areas and casting mistakes. The Guard Captain is just plain rubbish. The scale is wrong in so many ways. It looks to me like a 54mm dwarf gone wrong.

    On the other hand Lucius, the Lawyer and femme Guard are great.