Wyrd previews the upcoming plastic Ten Thunders

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 3rd, 2012

Wyrd has some more Malifaux previews as they continue giving us a look at their new plastic line. This group is for the upcoming Ten Thunders.

From the preview:

Next up, the Ten Thunders.

Note: The Misaki box set may not be available at Gencon, but will be available online during Gencon. This is due to a tight deadline and shipping on this and while we’re doing everything we can to get it there in time, it is possible it won’t arrive until we’re already at Gencon and away from the warehouse.

WYR5078 – $21 – Oiran (3 pack)
WYR8001 – $35 – The Thunder Box Set
WYR8002 – $21 – Ten Thunders Archers (3 pack)
WYR8003 – $11 – Yamaziko

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  • TomasT

    I love these miniatures.

    Unfortunately I was demoed this game in Gothenburg this easter… and boy, the demo-guys were dicks and really turned me off on the whole game.
    Perhaps I should give it another try when I’m past that experience.

    • TylerT

      i hate how big of a-holes some miniatures gamers can be almost as bad as TCG players.

      Malifaux is a strong game, i have not played it in ages but it’s very satisfying to play combine hand management and miniatures play.

  • Napar

    Maybe it’s just me but I find most Malifaux players to be this way. It’s really turned me off to the game. Though I collect most all the material and figures, maybe someday I’ll find a good group to actuall play with.

    • odinsgrandson

      That’s a real shame. Although, it is hard to like to play a game if you don’t have a gaming group full of cool people.

      A great game is pretty terrible if the group isn’t cool.

      By the way, my local Malifaux players are pretty cool, and the game is pretty great overall.

  • as79

    I agree. The game itself is awesome. I bought the rulebooks and a gang when it came out…and the sheer number of d-bags who play this game turned me off entirely. I sold it all and won’t play again.

  • jedijon

    While these aren’t actually shots of miniatures – if they’re in the same vein as these renders; then they’ll be really great. I had no idea Wyrd was going to be incorporating ANY plastics…just wouldn’t have thought they were of that sales volume…but I’m impressed and eagerly await some actual shots of the models.

    I haven’t gotten anything from their range – despite the fancy off-beat rules – and these are the first from the range that look truly excellent. In fact, they look like they’d sit on the shelf nicely with my Alkemy figures from their triad faction.

  • Borzag

    Question for the previous posters: if you don’t mind me asking, where do you play?

    Malifaux is my current game of choice, and in my experience there’s been zero douchebaggery. I’ve played various other games (WHFB, Teh FortyKays, WM, BB) and this game has the least pissy attitudes and WAAC playstyles out of the others. Of course though, this is Australia, and the WAAC players all stay in army size games, so that might have an effect.

    Anyway, I’m asking so that I know what to look for. Like you guys, I prefer to play for fun with fun people.