Wyrd posts up December releases for Malifaux

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 16th, 2014

Wyrd has the latest set of releases up for Malifaux over on their website. They’ve got 4 new crews coming this month. The two out now are Lucius and Kirai, with two coming later (C. Hoffman and Leveticus). Other releases include Crooked Men, Hog Whisperer, and the Pigapult (sounds like a good time had by all with that one). And there’s the Mindless Zombie. Because… zombies.

Go check out the full list.


From the website:

Coming in December:
-WYR20108 – Of Metal and Flesh C.Hoffman Crew – $50.00
-WYR20506 – Salvage and Logistics Leveticus Crew – $50.00
-WYR20212 – Crooked Men (3) – $21.00
-WYR20507 – Hannah – $35.00
-WYR20606 – Hog Whisperer – $16.00
-WYR20607 – Pigapult – $30.00

Out Now:
-WYR20108 – Bound By Law Lucius Crew – $50.00
-WYR20206 – Vengeful Spirits Kirai Crew – $50.00
-WYR20106 – Guild Guard – $18.00
-WYR20213 – Mindless Zombie – $35.00
-WYR20515 – Freikorpsmenn – $21.00

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  • Pretty minis.

  • Sisyphus

    Yes… but I hate to say that Wyrd is really engaging in those “alternate version” miniatures. Kind of annoying trying to keep up with them. Recently they did a few versions for the Black Friday… I didn’t even know there was a sale on there. Geeez…

    • Yeah- I don’t like that they’ve made so many minis that you can’t just buy. There are quite a few I’d pick up if I could just walk into my store and get them.

      It is nice that they’re keeping from changing gameplay (they’re all simply alternate minis with the same rules).

      • Sisyphus

        That is concerning about the alternate versions. But there are new items added, some being early versions of later common production models.

        It’s just highly annoying.

        • Yeah, they do a lot of pre-releases too. And quite a few pre-release nightmare edition sculpts (sometimes long before they become available properly).

          You can count on at least two times a year that they’ll do it. During Gencon and Black Friday. That’s been clockwork for them for a few years.