Wyrd Miniatures previews new Malifaux terrain from Plast Craft Miniatures

Wyrd is showing off some photos of the new terrain that Plast Craft Miniatures is making specifically for Malifaux.


From the preview:

Following our announcement a couple of days ago here are some more pictures of the new Plast Craft Scenery in all it’s glory.

  • Daniel36

    The Mordheim Rebuilding Commity also thanks you! 😀
    Those look nice!! Seeing as Plastcraft have some other items I was already eyeing, an order might go their way in due time.

    • odinsgrandson

      I could see setting a diorama up as a rooftop combat on one of these.

  • grimbergen

    Hmm… no sign of terraclips used in conjunction with these in the photos… i guess that was a failed experiment. Would have preferred some improvements on that before moving on to something else by Wyrd.