Wyrd Games Posts The Other Side Preview Video

Wyrd Games has released a video for their upcoming game, The Other Side, which is launching on Kickstarter on December 14th, 2016.

This video details the four starting Allegiances of the game and some of the game’s backstory. It shows off a variety of model renders for the game, giving you a good sense of each Allegiance.


  • Meri

    Yeah, before dropping a penny on these people one should look at how the Through The Breach KS was handled.

    • Jared Swenson


      • Meri

        It’s been so long and had such a forgettable ending that I can’ give you all the details anymore.

        Suffice it to say that they got the money, stopped working on the project to work on other things (and flat out admitted it), and managed to kill any interest in the final product by the time it shipped.

        Their updates were short, grudging, and non-informative and there was no sense of “thanks for the money” or anything like that. It was less intimate than most retail transactions.

        I’ve done probably 30 KS projects, and this one was the worst one I’ve been involved in, excepting the fiasco that is the Robotech Tactics KS.

        • Rudy Schuepbach

          Wait- stopped working on TTB? Or the KS in general? I still play TTB, and they’re putting out Penny Dreadfuls (prewritten stories), loads of one shot adventures, a couple of larger prewritten campaigns, and have put out three more source books (Into the Steam, Under Quarantine, Into the Bayou). They’ve also had a couple of big events- The Nythera event was a living event that shaped the lore that players could contribute to.
          I wan’t a part of the KS, so I can’t talk much about that, but Wyrd’s a company that usually tries to do right by their fan-base. Many good experiences with Malifaux line. Not to mention the aesthetic is always choice.
          (Sorry- I actually really dig TTB, as well as Wyrd in general, so I may be fanboying a bit, but to say they haven’t supported TTB is silly.)

          • Meri

            No, during that Kickstarter, before they had produced the actual products people had paid for, they completely stopped development of TTB to work on something else.

            Read the updates and bask in the customer service.

          • Yes. The earlier KS was poorly managed. Wyrd has changed, and while I understand that changing your mind is unlikely, I have full faith and confidence in the current management to deliver in a timely manner.

        • Adam H.

          The KS was not the worst run (nor was it the best), but much of what you’ve stated here is plain false.
          1. The KS did end and everything was delivered. Furthermore, due to delays everyone got a free crew box and extra Multi-Pose mini sprues
          2. Yes they got our money, and while delayed delivered our product exceeding all expectations on quality both of material, models, and furthermore the rules
          3. Updates were short, yes, and did not provide a lot of information for a long time. However, once the person who was doing that behind the scenes was let go and a new person took over things got better. With that said, I agree this is the biggest thing Wyrd will have to work on for this KS campaign. But over the past 3 years their communication has been stellar. Aaron (the lead designer) there has turned the ship around and made A LOT of strides to provide the community with both monthly and (when necessary) Monday previews!
          4. I’ve done ~20KS and I do not thing that Wyrd’s TTB KS was anywhere near the worst. I think its on them to prove the community that they have matured and now that KS is a much more known quantity, it is in their best interest to follow the now ‘semi-standardized’ way of running a successful KS. I’m excited for them to impress us.

          Lastly, I’ll add that TTB has a huge following and a lot of success. They continuously release new content and it is always popular on store shelves. I’ve played it for a number of years and find it to be one of the more enjoyable RPGs to date. Wyrd continues to not only provide free content for TTB but purchasable content to help flesh out the amazing alternate history of Earth (i.e. The Other Side nods) and Malifaux.

          • Meri

            I advise people to check out their previous Kickstarter. I though it was run terribly by a bunch of negligent assholes (but didn’t phrase it that way until the fanboys started demanding explanations.

            You disagree? Great. Or you can take off the rose colored glasses and look at the actual progress of the updates as they went.

            Wyrd lost my business over that crap. If you were happy with it, that’s nice for you.