Wyrd Games Monday Preview – Aionus’ Card

As I mentioned earlier, you can either look at today as a Monday or a Wednesday. Sure, it’s the first day back at the office, but it’s also a short week. So we’re already a bit further through it, technically, than we would be otherwise. Well, we had a Terrain Corner earlier. That’s a Monday thing (and Thursday, but let’s not lose focus here). Another “Monday thing” is the Wyrd Games Preview. So, I guess it’s Monday. But I’m still feeling like it’s a Wednesday.

Aionus Card

As you can see, we have a preview of the stat card for Aionus, a new Henchman mercenary that you can pick up now over in the Wyrd Games webshop while their holiday sale is going on. Being made for the 10th anniversary of Malifaux, the model will be made with PVC and come already assembled. So just plunk him down on the table and get playing.


  • mathieu

    Any Wyrd nut out there to enlighten me about the reason why this model is PVC? Wasn’t there a long (and very nicely thought out, I felt) blurb from Eric explaining why they had chosen hard, styrene-based plastic for their models? My memory is fuzzy on the details, but it seems to me that they were pretty clear about how the quality of PVC miniatures wasn’t nearly high enough…

    • Ghool

      Pre-assembled seems to be the reason.
      My guess would be they wanted it already built, and the factory that makes the styrene models doesn’t assemble them as well.

      • mathieu

        For me, Wyrd has been the company shining a light in the darkness. While other companies chose the cheap PVC route, made hollow promises about doing it better than the competition, and relied on their community to make up excuses for them, Wyrd took the supposedly out of reach hard plastic road. I can’t help but being disappointed at their going PVC on a rather iconic 10th anniversary model.