Wyrd February releases

Wyrd Miniatures have announced their February releases for Malifaux.

  • WYR5047 – Hamelin Box Set – The Plagued – $42
  • WYR5048 – Malifaux Rats (3 pack) – Clamshell – $12
  • WYR1031 – Drill Sergeant – Clamshell – $9
  • WYR2035 – Lost Love – Clamshell – $9
  • WYR3033 – Mechanical Doves (3 pack) – $15
  • WYR0025 – Hats and Guns of Malifaux – Accessories Clamshell – $9
  • WYR6014 – Malifaux Rules Handbook – $15
  • Will

    I like them all except the paintjob on that Hamelin. Did they show the painter the art of that character at all?

  • Yeah, he looks a bit “off” compared with the fluff in the 2nd book. This figure doesn’t look threatening at all. It looks comical. His dog looks to have grown quite a bit compared to the original model.

  • mathieu

    That Hamelin is pretty disappointing, the original model (and that of his dog) was a lot cleaner in my opinion. Although to be fair I feel that most of the “old” models were a lot better sculpted than what came out since the game released. I guess it might just be a change of style.

    • I have to disagree, most of the Rising Powers sculpts have, IMHO, been head and shoulders above the initial releases.

      • mathieu

        I was actually referring to the post-Malifaux releases compared to when Wyrd only produced miniatures. And to be fair, while I haven’t been impressed by very many models since the game came out, I feel that my issue might be partly related to casting quality rather than just sculpts. I have models from well before Malifaux was first publicly mentioned, and I feel that they are a lot cleaner than what I purchased since the book came out.

        Could also just be a different style that I’m not as crazy about. Oh well.

  • Repeter

    I agree with mathieu–the older sculpts, with a few exceptions are more to my liking. Oh well, saves me some $$…

  • PanzerKraken

    I always found Malifaux figs to be hit and miss in quality, but do love the game.

    Main thing I’m excited about is the new rulebook, that along with the updated cards will go along ways to fix the mess the game was in.