Wyrd Announces The Other Side, a New Minis Game

Coming back from Gen Con, there certainly are some interesting stories to post up. Catching up with various things, I’ve come across the announcement that Wyrd is coming out with a new miniatures game. While set in the same overall universe as Malifaux, The Other Side gives us a look at what’s happening over on Earth.

The Other side Art

There aren’t many details currently available. Wyrd has said that it will be its own game. It will not be compatible with Malifaux. Stay tuned as we get some more info and looks into this new miniatures game.


  • Tam Song

    Alright – I’m interested.

  • Ian Hunter

    I am interested as well. Strange that it would not be compatible with Malifaux.

  • Tam Song

    Perhaps they want to pursue a different gaming ‘verse. I think for all the hits/misses, Malifaux has one of the strangest, coolest, eeriest gaming worlds and miniature ranges I’ve ever seen.