Wyrd Announces January and February Releases

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Jan 15th, 2015
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Wyrd has posted up their January and February release schedule over on their website. For January, they have the Through the Breach Multi-part kits for both males and females. Need to make your own, custom mini for their RPG? Now you can. The Through the Breach releases continue in February with their first adventure, In Defense of Innocence. They also have several new Malifaux releases coming in February, including a Dreamer Crew and Desolation Engine.


From the announcement:

Through the Breach Multi-part Kits Each kit contains enough pieces to make up to 11 individual Heroes for your Through the Breach games

WYR30401 – TTB Male Multi-part Kit – $35.00
WYR30402 – TTB Female Multi-part Kit – $35.00
WYR20608 – Piglets (3) – $18.00
WYR20610 – War Pig – $18.00

February Releases

Decide the Future of Innocence In Defence of Innocence is the first Penny Dreadful for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. This 84 page book focuses on the boom town of Innocence and its struggle to survive in Malifaux. The town is full of interesting characters, locations, and plots. It serves as a great place to start of continue your campaign.

WYR30201 – In Defense of Innocence – $20.00
WYR20408 – Hide and Seek Dreamer Crew – $50.00
WYR20521 – Abominations (4) – $24.00
WYR20522 – Desolation Engine – $30.00
WYR20617 – Merris Lacroix – $16.00

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  • Sisyphus

    I think for the most part that Wyrd has done a good job in the changeover to plastics. Some may complain about the fiddilyness of many of their kits but they’re for the most part above and beyond their old metal line….

    … with the exception of, for me, their gremlin line. I find the new gremlins without a soul… they look too smooth and well-shapen that they lack something that the old gremlin line had. It just doesn’t seem to translate well… the pigs look bored…the gremlins look like they live in sterile farms rather than on the edge of the bayous.

    I will keep my metal bayou boys and ladies… even though I prefer plastics.