WWII Sound Board App relesed

Rustgirl Apps has released a new sound board app for WWII tabletop games. It could also be used for RPGs and such that use modern (or slightly-older-than-modern) weaponry.

WW2 Sound Board App


From the release:

I’ve recently produced an audio board for tabletop gamers, based around WW2, with some pretty damn awesome sounds included. I produced the board as a response to war gamers at a local event in my home town in Northern Ireland. The event was mostly based around Flames of War or Bolt Action, but there were a number of great games played too – I was beaten by the Germans, twice, in FOW by the way but anyway… the guys over at Flames of War in NZ have also had a look and they are very impressed by it.

The board has been well received generally in terms of both visuals and (more importantly) sounds and I’m simply asking around to see if other players would find it useful either in an event environment or in their own home based gatherings. The more promotion and interest I get means the more productive I can be in improving the App further as well as adding SciFi Battle and Fantasy effect boards a little later.

  • anything@rustgirl.com

    Cheers guys, appreciate the coverage. Hope it’s received well… here, catch it if you know what to do with it 😉


  • Borzag


    Would review but waiting for the Android version 🙂 a quick one: is there any plan to have a “light-hearted” Dungeon Fantasy board as well? I’m thinking for SDE or Guild Thingy (the CMoN version), where it would be suitable. Just a thought.

    Good luck!

    • anything@rustgirl.com


      I have plans for both SciFi/Mech and Fantasy (there’s some sound demos on our site – apps.rustgirl.com). I’m unsure about the sounds for Fantasy at the minute as it’s very early for that one. If enough people poke me though, I could be swayed into ‘light-hearted’ territory.

      Thanks Borzoi