Wreck Age: Tabletop, RPG & Board game project up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Aug 22nd, 2012

Wreck Age has started a multi-part Kickstarter to help fund the many projects they’re working on.

From the campaign:

This kickstarter is to help us raise funds for the 2013 launch of our RPG, and tabletop game. Help us hit the (barren) ground running!

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  • greyseerco

    Very excited about this Post Apocalyptic Small Squad game coming out. The excellent minis I already have will be glad to have more company in the wastes.

  • as79

    I was commissioned to do the demo board for Wreck Age and delivery was the first time I played. The gameplay is really smooth and it gives a nice sense of realistic action without feeling cartoonish (like Necromunda) or overly complicated (like Infinity). The Wreck Age team are also just great guys IRL and dedicated gamers.

    • Nightbee

      I’m surprised they didn’t hire you to do marketing. Always a good idea to insult two of the main player bases they ought to be courting.

      Sort of agree with you about Necromunda, I’ve always found the intentionally overblown background to be a bit off-putting. I don’t think anyone who has actually played more than a half dozen games of Infinity thinks that it’s overcomplicated, though.

      • as79

        Because, heaven forbid, someone on TTGN not like Infinity! gasp

        “Half a dozen games”? IMHO,a skirmish-level ruleset that requires multiple games to understand is the very definition of overly complicated.

        • Nightbee

          Ah. Inherently different philosophies, perhaps. I guess I’ll assume that Wreck Age isn’t for me.

          • msears

            We (Hyacinth Games) were actually positioned next to an Infinity demo board during Adepticon. Luckily there was no bloodshed ha ha. The only draw back was we couldn’t share dice.

            Thanks everyone who has checked out the Kickstarter!


          • Nightbee

            I’m just giving your buddy a hard time.

            I quite like the earlier Kickstarter exclusive figure, and some of the new ones look alright. I’ll do my best to check out the rules and make sure that they’re not overly simplistic.

            Do the locks on the maps actually correspond to anything? What I mean is, are they arbitrarily placed? I’m assuming the rulebook doesn’t have anything to do with the central East Coast, for instance.

          • msears

            I didn’t make that image, but off the top of my head the Reclaimers have a big data haven around there.

            The quick start sheet is here: http://wreck-age.net/index.php/forum/4-play-testing-comments/294-quick-reference-sheet

            Keep in mind those might strike you as simplistic because they are boiled down. The final rules will end up about 40-50 pages in the book. Not that I would consider them complicated by any means, either.

  • grimbergen

    Concept artwork looks good, but the sculpts so far seem a little generic and dull… seems to be missing a unique look.

    It looks like with the small goal they’ll likely get funded but I’m not really that interested at this point unless the higher stretch goals are met… which is a bad feedback loop to be in…

  • I love the minis and background–I may have to back this one!

  • farseer

    I want to like this. it seems to be missing something i want in a post apoc game. will there be vehicles?

    • msears

      (Working) vehicles are going to be extremely rare and resource heavy, so they aren’t going to be a big part of the game. We are operating under creative commons license, so your campaigns with friends could change that though (or add zombies like everyone seems to want to ha ha).

  • farseer

    Thanks for the reply. Basically 4 human factions to start. zombies…not so much for me. they are for modern day apoc. but i think i am looking for something fantastical. mutants, critters, etc. I am the result of the 80’s cold war era mutant apocalypse. The Fallout series sums it up for me.
    Models look great and the story is suburb. Perhaps i can use the models…
    Creative license you say? thats where the mutants can come from….

    • msears

      If you like creepy may I recommend the Stitchmen? They are probably our most ‘out there’ faction thus far. Unless you are an organ harvester, then they might seem pretty normal.