Wreck-Age rulebook now available as .pdf

Hyacinth Games now has their Wreck-Age core rulebook available electronically over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

~26th century Earth —a hard place to live.

Two hundred years ago, the worlds’ rich and powerful left the planet in a mass Exodus. However, this grand plan didn’t include everyone, and society collapsed in their wake. Now, for the first time in centuries, those left behind take their first baby steps from the culling of previous generations. There’s finally hope to put an end to the death and destruction. Crops are starting to grow and populations are booming. Various factions vie for power and resources. There are valuable troves out in the Wilds for those willing to take the risks to search for them.

Welcome to the Wreck Age.

  • msears

    Thanks TGN! We appreciate it.

  • Any word on a print edition? Even a print on demand version?

    • msears

      Softcover books within the next month, we didnt want our KS backers to wait on the PDF any longer than necessary.

  • keltheos


    Looking forward to reading the full rulebook!

  • sakieh

    As one of the kickstarter backers who only pledged for the book, this is very welcome to have. I look forward to having the print version in my grubby hands. You guys did a great job, and it was very much worth the wait!