Wreck Age: A far-future dystopian post-exodus adventure!

Hyacinth Games have started a kickstarter to fund their upcoming game, Wreck Age:

From their announcement:

Wreck age, a new miniatures and game line is up on Kickstarter.

  • lordofexcess

    Mini and concept art looks cool and interesting … but I have to just say … really??? Yet another post apocalyptic sci-fi 28 MM game? Not that there are many combo skirmish RPG games like that out there … but there seems to be such a glut of post apoc stuff in 28 MM, next to fantasy that is about the bulk of the skirmish ranges on the market. It would be interesting to see people come out with some new settings or new twists on things. Hopefully these guys really take things in a new and different direction. I think a good example of a very unique post apoc style game is Dark Age it took a somewhat old, tired concept and added some very new and unique elements to it. Hopefully Hyacinth can figure out how to do that too 🙂

  • scottjm

    I’d like to see a realistic hard sci-fi post apoc game. A few of the ones out there seem to be either just weird or goofiness.

    • So, Tomorrow’s War by Ambush Alley Games?

      • Not that it’s post apocolyptic, but near future hard sci-fi.

  • Borzag

    Gotta agree with LoE here… there’s a LOT of post-apoc now (too much really). I mean I get that everyone wants to get their 40K on, but really it’s a big market, let’s expand the hell out of it hey?

    One idea I had (and no idea how to implement it yet) was modern day gang-scale skirmishes (so not modern warfare, more like Saints Row or San Andreas. Preferably with less R&B, I can’t stand that stuff). So Necromunda without the cybernetics, Infinity without TAGs & Remotes, something along those lines. NFI how the rules system would work, but it’d be a fresh take on non-Fantasy skirmish.

  • ferk

    It’s not just minis. The genre is part of our cultural DNA at this point. playing post-apocalyptic games is the closest thing we have to the original reason why mini games were invented..Training training training…