Wrath of Kings updates rules and cards

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Feb 5th, 2014

Wrath of Kings has posted another set of rules and card updates over on their website in the ever-continuing quest to create the perfect set of rules.


From the update:

Players and Pledgers! Mr. Black here for the Wrath of Kings development team, and we’ve got an update for you! As you know we value player feedback dearly on this project, and since we posted the revamped stat cards for you online, myself and my team have been busy analyzing player feedback and further optimizing the cards to YOU, the players’, liking.

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  • Goregrimm

    Holy crap! The guy on the left is as unlikeable as it gets. He was a total douche to the other player, who seems nice.

    Game looks awesome.

  • Goregrimm

    Again, I love watching this game play out but sitting through the whole match was painful because of the horrible personality of the Hadross player.

    • I had to stop watching. They need to stop using him in their videos. I am not sure what he is doing but his on-screen persona is quite annoying. He was bad in the last video they released and he is worse in this one.

  • Robert

    I think it’s probably worth noting: the Hadross player is the lead game designer, and he’s playing against David Doust, owner of CMoN (and TTGN), who is….his boss.

    I assume this is what the Brits like to call “taking the piss”.