Wrath of Kings Reviews Neritic Horror

By Polar_Bear
Mar 29th, 2016

There are many crazy things that live in our oceans. Just the other day I saw this story about some neon-green-eyed fish-thing that they brought up from the depths.
Yeah, I really have no desire to go swimming in the ocean, thankyouverymuch. Hell, I might run into a Neritic Horror! At least if that did happen, though, the preview posted up for Wrath of Kings will let me know how to deal with it.

Neritic Horrors like to get in close to their enemies. They have a couple special abilities that deal with close-by foes. Within 6″, enemies suffer penalties to their leadership and their will. Then, to add to that, the Neritic Horror can let out a deafening screech, potentially hurting all enemies within 2″ of it. Thankfully, as a specialist, there won’t be too many of these things scuttling about at any one time.


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  • Matt

    This thing is a beast and after the Shell Cracker is what a specialist should look like. Its fairly offensive but not too strong, comes with lots of utility so you can move up on your opponent but I think it helps with making your opponent come to you. They don’t want you to choose when to strike with this. Yet it is weak on defense, so it provides and interesting choice. Very well designed piece. I think also the first unit with a Will attack that does hits instead of straight up damage.

    I also like the design. I mean no offense to the artist but its rare that the miniatures are fairly consistently better than the concept art. The art is good but the sculpt sells it.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    Neritic (as in, shallow part of the ocean), not Necrotic 😉
    A cool critter, though.

  • BDUB

    In the past I’ve criticized the WoK sculptors for not capturing the style and feel of the concepts, but in this case, my hat goes off to the sculptor for making something great out of a horrible piece of art.